Parenthood is a choice we make every day.

Hello friend! In 2017, We started on this journey as a husband and wife team ourselves to a now 3-year-old. So, with our child, we have always revelled in living the moment of caring for her, playtime, and parenting.

Watching her every milestone from a cutesy little flip, performing a commando crawling to taking her first wobbly walk to us with an innocent smile for a simple hug. It just makes our heart fuller and our home happier!

With our strong belief in the importance of making parenthood as fun & simple as it should be while promising my little one's happiness! Through the voyage of witnessing her growth, We drew inspiration from our girl’s love and curiosity for play and not to forget her often stumbling and fall as she opened the possibilities of play to us.

Growing up is definitely worth celebrating! Thus, We want to create and find the treasure that is worthwhile and delightful yet inexpensive, so as to share with everyone this happiness of childhood!

Additionally, in relation to our passion and background in children’s education, We have always gratified and developed an affinity for many early childhood play-related topics and educational toys.

So thus, We created Ourjollityshop to share our joy with parents like us!

Whether you are a first-time or an experienced parent, We all know how beautiful & rewarding, yet challenging parenting can be. Let Ourjollityshop be your one-stop-shop for your modern baby essentials!

We hope you will find something that sparks joy in our range of curated products from our international suppliers.

With this in mind, not just a store but a place where all loved ones can connect, reconnect, play and make beautiful memories too.

Last but not least, We hope to bring the excitement of shopping to all customers who visit our humble haven. We  thank you for the support and shopping with us too!